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It began when a retired 66 year old physician, Dr Alan Greenberg, met a 43 year old life long entrepreneur /inventor, Tim Wilson. Tim was faced with the problem of a younger brother with terminal brain cancer. He had spent the last 5 months and hundreds of hours searching for a cure for his brother's brain tumor. Having owned multiple businesses for the last 24 years, Tim was accustomed to finding solutions to the so-called impossible. A long time friend, Dr Vandenberge, suggested Tim contact his long time personal physician, now retired, Dr Greenberg- "Doctor to the doctors". During their first meeting, Dr Greenberg & Tim spent hours discussing the problems and frustrations which patients with chronic illness experience in attempting to find answers to their pressing medical questions. Most of the information readily available to the public is seriously outdated. Many of the cutting edge therapies and latest discoveries in medical science are virtually impossible to obtain by the normal patient; his physician is usually unable or unwilling to provide information, particularly if the new methods or treatments eliminate usual sources of income such as surgery or radiation. Even if the patient's own research turns up numerous alternative therapy choices, selecting the best and safest is a formidable task and trying to get reliable advice from his doctor (if he/she does not offer it) can be a truly frustrating and stressful experience. (Some doctors may even become angry and berate you for not meekly following their advice ­ often the path to chronic illness or death.)

Dr. Greenberg himself had gone through a period of failing health in the 1990's. He had developed arthritis, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome with chronic diarrhea, lactose intolerance, severe muscle cramps, hypoglycemia, slowing of speech, impaired balance, shortness of breath, excessive weight gain, chronic fungal infections and frequent viral infections. The doctors whom he had consulted or who had examined him during his hospital admissions gave him medications and told him his medical problems had no cure, he had to live with them. When he attended medical meetings, he was told by renowned and highly esteemed professors that one couldn't expect to cure chronic disease, only treat the symptoms. Eventually he discovered he had metal poisoning, hypothyroidism, and vitamin B-12 deficiency. By reading extensively and applying the knowledge, he was able to recover completely, losing 70 lbs, his arthritis, heart disease, lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, shortness of breath, etc, etc. He found there were ways of curing every common chronic disease, but the path to wellness involved finding the underlying causes and treating them systematically, and few doctors were trained to do this. The average physician lacks essential knowledge of nutrition, environmental medicine and toxicology, has no training or expertise in maintaining optimal wellness or is afraid to try new ideas.

Tim found Dr Greenberg's open mind and willingness to use whatever method worked in restoring health and making people functional again, a refreshing experience. His previous experience was with mainstream oncologists (cancer doctors) who told him "We have Chemo-Therapy, Surgery & radiation and sometimes an unproven clinical trial protocol or pill in our toolbox - that's all we know to do with any efficacy". However, he can personally attest that even his limited research lead him to dozens of "terminal patients" who were in fact cured and he found a large number of scientifically based therapies with promising claims. Dr Greenberg, on the other hand, had received the traditional training of an M.D. and found that it had serious limitations; that almost half his patients had nutritional deficiencies or imbalances and another large group were poisoned by chemicals and toxic metals or were seriously affected by poor lifestyle choices. After 37 years of medical experience, he understood that no one had a monopoly on TRUTH and that the "knowledge" that we consider unassailable now, will someday be regarded as flawed and simplistic; furthermore, that by supplying the right conditions, it was possible for the human body to heal itself.

We feel there is a real need to provide information and guidance to people with chronic diseases seeking improved health and relief from fatal, disabling and painful illnesses and to promote research and education to enable people to achieve and maintain wellness.
CellPhysics.org, a non- profit organization, was founded to promote the better health of humanity as described in our mission statement. CellPhysics.org is currently
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