Cell Physics Laboratory

The CellPhysics Lab is 7,600plus square ft 2 story industrial laboratory building located in an heavy industrial area designated as an enterprise & HUB zone. Medical equipment inventory includes: Incubators, low temp tissue freezers, cryostat, centrifuges, Blood analysis equipment, atomic absorption spectrometers, balanced vent hoods, multiple chemical, electrical, magnetic and environmental testing equipment, computers, microscopic equipment, (call for complete list) We are adding equipment monthly (much of the equipment has been donated originating from university or hospital sources) .
The Laboratory is offered to researchers, requiring a laboratory that follows in synergy with the CellPhysics.org mission goals.


Current Projects at the Lab:
1)Effects of controlled rotational magnetic fields on cancer cells.
2) Heavy metal removal from healthy human tissue research
3) Evaluation of self- testing kits for deficiency imbalance & Toxicity


CellPhysics.org Research Laboratory
3508 Fairfield Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21226, USA
Phone: 410-354-1100, Hours (9:00am to 5:00pm Mon ­ Fri, EST)
Fax: 410-354-1050

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