Mission Statement

We feel there is a real need to provide information and guidance to people with chronic diseases seeking improved health and relief from fatal, disabling and painful illnesses and to promote research and education to enable people to achieve and maintain wellness.
CellPhysics.org, a non- profit organization, was founded to promote the better health of humanity as described in our mission statement. CellPhysics.org is currently
funded by donations & grants and plans to offer educational videos, literature, other products to allow people to take control of their lives and achieve optimal wellness.
Mission statement:
1) To promote the dissemination of accurate scientifically based information essential for the maintenance of optimal health and longevity.
2) To provide a clearinghouse for information regarding the full range of medical treatments available for the treatment of illness including strategies for the prevention of disease.
3) To encourage, stimulate and support basic research relating to the well being of humanity.
4) To provide research facilities and financial support for investigators doing innovative research particularly where funding may not be available in through traditional business and government sources.


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